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Bristol 410 Beatman Ludmilla

Ready Steady Go!

As well as being a magazine star this month, the 410 also had a small cameo in a music video this summer. A friend of mine was directing this video for dance music superstar Paul Oakenfold, and needed a glamorous car for the finale. I whipped the front seat out to give more space for the cameraman, and off we went. For the record, each shot of the car, interior and exterior, was done in one take – efficient film making!   Not long after this I was approached by MGM Cars, who provide cars to all sorts of film and TV...


A new name

A new name for the blog today. I decided that I wasn’t that keen on the Happy Bristoleer. It’s not that I am not a Happy Bristoleer, I certainly am such and it’s still my ID here, but I’d put it in as a overall title as well when I was first playing around with Blogger, and never really thought of a final title. I like the idea of 410 Short Stories though – I suspect it will take a while to get to 410, but it gives me something to aim for! I’m also going to try to find...