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Castles in the Sky

Sunday morning brought a nice run up the Fosse Way to Warwick. I usually enjoy the Fosse Way, and the roads from Highworth up through Lechlade and Burford to pick up the Fosse itself at Stow-on-the-Wold are wonderful, open, fast roads over the Cotswolds. However we set off a bit late, so we kept getting stuck behind lines of modern cars all too afraid to overtake anything travelling more than 40mph. This is one of the delights of the Bristol. It is a quick car, obviously, and with bags of torque and strong brakes it a breeze to leapfrog several...



Another busy few days for the 410. A few weeks ago I had a phone call from a former work colleague. She’d seen me driving a Bristol round town a few times, and as her partner is mad keen on Bristols, but had never been in one, she tracked me down and asked if I’d be willing to take him out for a drive on his birthday. She’d been trying to hire one, but none of the classic hire companies keep one on their fleet. As far as I can see, part of the responsibility of driving rare and unusual...