Happy New Year

I thought I’d better get something on the blog early this year, and will try to keep up with posting better in 2011 than in 2010.  The 410 is going well as ever.  I picked it up from SLJ’s in mid-December but it hasn’t seen much use through the snow and salt we’ve had recently. It is all much more solid underneath, and they kept the rotten bits so I could see just what had been remade.  Nice to have it back, and nice to know it should last many more years now.  The garage smells pleasingly of new paint and underseal!

Here for your amusement is a video of last year’s Concours at Filton that was linked to from the club forum.  I presume it was shot by a BOC member, though I don’t know who exactly.  Nicely put together and I like the music.

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