Things carry on here. The door has now been fixed and is working as a door should (opens, closes, that sort of thing…). While it was at Spencer’s I also asked Rob and Colin, since they had one door apart anyway, to replace the rotten weather seals on the front windows. It is possible to replace them with modern rubber seals, but these sit proud of the door and don’t look nearly so nice, so I have stayed with the original style. Mine had got pretty grotty over the years, with the metal bits under the felt rusted and crumbling. Every so often a sharp pointy section would catch you in the arm if driving too nonchalantly with one arm out of the window. The new ones are very smart and should give years service.

Also due this week was an MoT, which it passed first time. This was after replacing both silencer boxes, which have a hard life under this car, with regular brushes with the tarmac gradually taking their toll on the integrity of the boxes. Bell Silencers in Swindon did their usual excellent job and made up two very smart new bespoke silencers, fitted and adjusted as high as possible quickly and efficiently. Also before the MoT I noticed I had three headlights on dip beam, and three on main – but not the same three! An hour’s poking around with the wires revealed one blown sealed beam unit (replaced with one pinched from my P6 that is currently awaiting a halogen conversion) on the inner pair, and loose wiring for one of the outers. In the end it went to be tested with the outer two only on dip, and all four on main, which sounds correct, but in fact this car is wired for four main and four dip so they still need some attention. Although it passed, on the way home it blew a fuse so I lost indicators, brake lights, wipers, and various other circuits. Luckily it was only a couple of miles home so I didn’t worry too much, but this is not the first time that fuse has blown, so something is clearly awry. The fusebox shows signs that it has overheated in the past, so I have ordered a new one and will see what gives.

The final task for this weekend was to clean up the switches in the door posts for the interior courtesy light. Ever since the post-accident rebuild the light has not worked at all from the driver’s door, and only worked from the passenger side if you held the door half open. Half an hour with the Dremel had all the switches and screws out, cleaned up nice and shiny and good earths restored so that the light now glows brightly and the car is more welcoming at night. The interior switch is still a weak link – I think it remains full of filler dust. My car has air conditioning fitted so it is a bit fiddly to get it out and clean it, but it works if you wiggle it a bit so I’ll leave it for now. You need to leave a bit of character in a car!

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