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The Vulcan bomber is a true Bristol. Four Bristol Olympus jet engines means it is more Bristol powered than my own car. Through a combination of extraordinary dedication, thousands of small donors, corporate will, and the National Lottery, one Vulcan XH558 is now airworthy after a 12 year restoration, the largest return to flight operation ever undertaken. However, the current financial situation with the Vulcan to Sky Trust is parlous to say the least. Notice has been given to their staff, and if they do not have £1,000,000 in pledges or donations by Friday night the end will have come and the Trust will be wound up. The Vulcan itself would be sold and in all likelihood never fly again – the bureaucratic hurdles in operating a 60-year-old Complex-rated aircraft would mean that it could not simply be passed to another organisation to operate.

Vulcan XH558 will be grounded forever, unless further funding of £1million is identified by early March. This funding will allow the project to pay its monthly expenses, clear debt and provide a stable financial footing for the future.

But why is your Vulcan so important?

In a word – EDUCATION!

In line with our motto “Honouring the Past, Inspiring the Future”, we returned XH558 to display status for two educational reasons:

  • To teach Britain’s youth about the pivotal role that Britain played in the Western World’s defence at a time of political uncertainty and instability.

  • To inspire our children and grandchildren to choose a career in Britain’s design, engineering and scientific industries.

Vulcan XH558 is not privately owned, but operated as a National Heritage Asset. She belongs to every man, woman and child in Britain and is an iconic and emotive example of Britain’s pivotal position in World technology and foreign affairs.

The ‘Vulcan Effect’ is a unique and powerful tool – without your immediate help it will be gone forever.

The Vulcan ’09 Pledge Campaign will raise those funds so please sign up now and play your part in securing the future of the world’s only flying Vulcan. Your pledge will only be called upon when we are confident of reaching the target.

Please help us weather this economic Perfect Storm; we are working on a new business model aimed at avoiding this situation arising again next year.

Please remember that even a relatively small monthly pledge is a significant help – supporters have already pledged in excess of £900,000, with a significant proportion coming from the intensive efforts of members of the Vulcan to the Sky Club.

Thanks to all who are intent on keeping XH558 flying and thrilling through 2009.

To Make A Pledge Click Here.

Robert Pleming
Director of the Vulcan to the Sky Trust
24th February 2009

I can’t say it better than Robert – to lose the Vulcan now, after so much effort, would be a tragedy. I remember seeing, hearing and most of all feeling the Vulcan fly at airshows as I was growing up. The unmistakable howl of the engines spooling up, and the sheer majesty of such an enormous aircraft being thrown around the sky like it was a tiny fighter, performing seemingly impossible manoeuvres, will always stick in my mind. Go and pledge your support now.

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