On the Road Again!

Well, we’re back! Running on all cylinders, so to speak, and ready for action. I picked up the 410 from Andrew Mitchell‘s last week, in the torrential rain, and it really is good to back behind the wheel. Andrew and his team have done a fantastic job, especially Steve who did virtually all the major work. The fit and finish on the panels is superb, the paint match is excellent, and overall I am very happy. I certainly did not envisage this moment last July, while standing at the roadside in the middle of the night looking at the very twisted wreck of a Bristol.

The car is certainly better now than it was, as any rust and alloy bubbling that that was in evidence has been completely excised and the front of the vehicle is now pretty much perfect. Unfortunately my budget did not allow for the whole body to be resprayed at the same time, and although it could have had a blow-over to make it look superficially shiny, that would have been a complete waste of money as any little bubbles would have just come back in a matter of months. Better to wait and do it properly in due course. While it was a little lumpy to start with, and the gearbox seemed to hunt a bit more, it has now settled down and got used to being driven again. I’m sure it will continue to loosen up further after 8 months off the road.

Inevitably after such a big rebuild there’s a couple of tiny little snagging points still to be sorted (and there’s still a lot of filler dust to come out of the vents I’m sure!), but basically all I have to do now is drive it, hopefully avoiding big lorries this time. No doubt some other usual bits will fall off or stop working in some respect, and I shall continue to gabble on about them here, but I’m over the moon to have it back and looking so good, and I’m looking forward to getting out and about again, and showing it off to friends old and new over the coming summer. See you out there!

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