Drawing close now

You’ll be glad to hear that work on the 410 has continued to progress apace and its return, I hope, is imminent. The paint is now all done and it should just be having underseal, final bits and bobs and a new MoT this week. I shall update you the moment it’s finally back and ready for action.

In the meantime I thought I’d share this little gem with you. I’ve mentioned before what rare and obscure books can be found in charity shops, and here’s another example. It’s a series of three children’s books simply called Cars, found in my local Oxfam a few months ago. They are small format, about 4″ square, with cardboard covers. There’s about 15 cars described in each book, each over a double page, and were only 99p each. Judging by the cars illustrated they must be of mid-sixties vintage, and the three volumes seem to list vehicles in no discernible order – book 1 starts with Ford and proceeds through Wolseley and Volvo before finishing on Bentley and Auto Union! They’re all nice dynamic paintings of the cars whizzing along, and the first entry in Book 2 is a wonderful drawing of a Bristol 408 in snow. I’m not sure how much ice racing the 408 did in period, but it’s a compelling idea. There is talk in the Club of having more driving events and trials, so maybe a trip to Scandinavia is in order!