411 Parts available

Here is a list of most of the parts for sale from my dismantled 411. It is also posted on the BOC Forum website.

Complete stainless steel exhaust – quality system in good condition.

Torqueflite gearbox and torque converter – unknown condition, but the car had an MoT and was running well before it was left standing. Probably just needs a service.

Windscreen – usable, but has a little whitening of the lamination around some edges. There is also a stonechip on the passenger side but this is small enough that it shouldn’t be a problem for the MoT.

Front and rear seats – poor condition and will require total reupholstery.

Complete set of dashboard instruments – believed working, but most will require some cosmetic overhaul.

Steering wheel – standard 411 three-spoke wheel. Leather is generally good, but could do with a good feed. Rubber of the boss has hardened / faded slightly.

Dashboard rocker switches – lettering faded on some, but I’ve stripped and cleaned them all and they work fine. For some reason there are two hazard switches. (Window switches sold.)

Front bumper – not bad, and certainly usable. It’s mostly shiny and better than many bumpers I’ve seen in use and still fitted to cars, but has a couple of rusty patches and will eventually need rechroming. no significant dents or damage.

Brake servoes – one definitely needs overhauling, so assume both will.

Brake master cylinder – presume it requires an overhaul

Chrome trim for front and rear screens

Stainless steel sill trim – from body and wing bay doors

Stainless steel side trim – three sections per side on an s2.

Hub caps – usable, but not perfect.

Wheels – set of five standard steel wheels. Need blasting and painting.

Contact me for details, photos and to ask price or make an offer!

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