Monthly Archive: August 2007


Elegant Conkers

It was the BOC Concours d’Elegance this weekend. Since I am obviously sans Bristol currently, Andrew Blow kindly offered me a lift down to Blaise Castle, the venue for the concours in Bristol. I jumped at the chance as I knew he was taking one of the cars he currently has for sale – the Beaufort. Believed (though unconfirmed by the factory) to be the only one built, it is effectively a fully convertible Beaufighter. Heading off on a grey morning to Bristol, roof down, it was apparent what a wonderful car it is. Effortless power means relaxed cruising along...

Looking up

Well, things are progressing. I’ve had a chance to have a better look over the car, and it really isn’t as badly damaged as I’d feared. A couple of new panels and we’d be good to go. (Sort of at least – that’s quite a simplification, but basically true). I’m still in discussions with the insurers, but I’m fairly hopeful we’ll come to an agreement soon. I’ll update again when everything is settled.


Just a quick update to say thank you to all who have got in touch about this. I’m afraid I don’t have any firm news to report yet. I’ve had a couple of rough estimates for the repairs, which were a little lower than I’d feared they’d be, so that is good news at least. However I’m still waiting to hear back from the insurers as to their valuation of the car before the accident and it’s salvage value now. The difference between those figures will determine how things proceed. It’s at times like this that we can curse the...