Pressing matters

In one of those ‘couldn’t make it up if you tried’ moments, Bristol Cars are back in the news today, and not for good reasons. It seems that thieves have broken in to the Filton works and made off with 30 tonnes of body presses. According to the Bristol Evening Post, the loss puts production of the Blenheim at risk. This does sound a lot like the Chinese takeaway that happened in Longbridge, only done in the dead of night and without wasting hundreds of millions of pounds, but I can’t see there’s going to be much of a demand for Blenheims in Beijing.

All in all a real shame and I sincerely hope that the presses are recovered. However, I think it unlikely that anyone would steal something of that size without having a pretty good idea of exactly what you’re going to to do with it afterwards. If you’re offered a car factory, you know who to call.

UPDATE: A video from the BBC local news is available on the BBC website here. Nice footage shot inside the factory, as well as some archive film from last year’s BOC Concours at Blaise Castle.

PS. I know the photo above is not of the current factory, but it’s the only one I could find. I’ll try to get up there next time I’m in Bristol in the 410 to get a picture by the gates.

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