Two Jags Prescott

Well, another day out this weekend. The 410 has been getting about recently – over 1000 miles since it was serviced two weeks ago. Today was up to Prescott, for a classic car day organised by the local Rotary. I had heard good reports of last year’s event so had been looking forward to this, but sadly the weather conspired against things and it was a bit damp. An hour or two in the morning looking around the paddock, watching some braver souls than I head up the hill, and chatting to several of the BOC members there was enough for me. To be honest though, I’d not really been planning on taking the car up the hill in anger anyway. It went around Castle Combe last year, and although quite entertaining, it’s not really a track car. Part of the problem is the Carter carburettor, which suffers from surge on tight corners under hard acceleration, with the effect that you loose power just when you want it most. It’s only rarely a problem though, but sometimes those tight exits from roundabouts can be enough, and tight hillclimb corners certainly would be, at least in the dry. It’s one of those challenges of driving an old car that keep you on your toes though – knowing how hard you can accelerate while cornering hard and not starving the engine of fuel!

In other news, and a world away from rainy Gloucestershire, if you’re in the market for a rare Bristol, here is just the thing for you. The one off Beutler-bodied 406 is on the market again. As posted on the BOC Forum, it is with a dealer in sunny Hollywod. The asking price is allegedly around $150,000. It’s a nice, delicate looking machine, but I think I like it. The headlamp-in-grille look was prescient of the later V8 cars, though they look like they were also influenced by the later 407 Viotti, which has much cleaner, crisper lines than the curvier 406 and 407. It seems to be French registered, although I think it’s been in the USA for a while as I recall it being advertised for sale in California a few years ago. Any takers?

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