30,000 down, many more to come

Well, since last time the 410 has been busy. It went down to Spencer’s to have the PAS hose fixed and a quick service also, as it is 5,000 miles since it was last looked at in September. The brilliant Nick Cooper at SL-J’s was the man who did it all, and apart from fluids and filters, a single split rubber boot on a track-rod end and new front brake pads were all that were required. After after a quick test drive to make sure all was OK, Nick agreed that it is running very well these days, and he even washed it, pointing out that if I wasn’t going to then he would have to. It does need a proper waxing again though so that will have to be done soon.

After picking the car up on Thursday afternoon, I had to go up to Cheltenham that evening, Oxford and back the next day, and Brighton and back on Saturday. All obviously completed without fuss or drama, and running so well after the service. Sunday saw another day out, down to a pub in Rode, near Trowbridge, for a lunch meet organised by some of the local members of the PistonHeads forums. There was an interesting turn out of cars, a couple of Monaros, Porsches, a TVR Chimaera, a nice V8 MG ZT-T and others, but the highlight for most people was the very orange Diablo, which had a good crowd around most of the time, and not just PistonHeaders either – everyone who came into the car park seemed to make a bee-line for it. The owner, a very nice woman called Jan, seemed to have an air of slight bemusement as to why everyone should be so excited. I’d have thought she’d be used to it, but she is a proper petrolhead who was happy to show it off anyway, and fired up the engine to show off the noise a couple of times too.

The 410 was the only old heap to come to the meet, but it drew plenty of favourable comment. One person later declared it to be the ‘coolest car to turn up in’, which was very nice of him given the competition! The Bristol owner’s party trick of opening up the wing bays to reveal the spare and battery also went down very well.

This week also marked a small milestone for me – I have now covered over 30,000 miles in this 410. I bought it in November 2003, at just over (1)28,500 miles indicated (believed correct given the documentation it came with) and the odomoeter now stands at (1)58,589. I’ve kept a record of fuel added too over all those miles, and overall consumption stands at a whisker under 17mpg. The best I’ve had is about 22mpg, while pottering through the French countryside at a gentle pace, and the worst is around 12mpg, spent mainly in London. Not bad, all things considered I think, and certainly better than a Lambo! Cooler too.

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