To the Pub

Well sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been away for my brother’s wedding in Buenos Aires. A great trip, and after the wedding I went off to see some of the country but realised that I was driving along some of the same roads that the BOC had travelled on during their tour of Argentina last year. It would have been a lot more fun in the 410 than a 1.6-litre Chevrolet Nova! Anyway, a wonderful country and if you get the chance to go then do so. I shall write up some of the highlights in due course.

However, this weekend was the first of the monthly summer classic car meets at The Bull in Stanford Dingley, near Newbury, and a good chance to get back in a Bristol after a month away. I went to the last meet at the Bull of last summer, and I hope to make it more often this year. It’s a great pub, and a wonderful setting for an informal gathering of classics. It helped that Saturday was nice and sunny, but there was an interesting selection of all sorts of classics there, everything from a Beetle to Ferraris, by way of (among others) plenty of Jags, a wonderful Lagonda saloon, an Alvis and a Jensen, hot rods, TRs, and the 410 of course. Third Saturday of the month – get down there if you can.

Also since my last entry, an exciting development on the electronic interweb for Bristol devotees – another blog! I know what you’re thinking, Bristol blogs are like buses, you wait 61 years for one and then two turn up at once, but Ian’s site, My First Bristol, is a great read and I wish him every luck with the new car. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m enjoying keeping up to date with how he’s getting on. On which note, I’ve had a few mails wanting to know some background on my history with the 410, how long I’ve had it, why I didn’t get a 411, etc. Good questions, and I shall answer them all next time. :-)

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